Do you know that more than a third of Clean Technology companies’ don´t have an adequate insurance coverage?

A survey conducted by Hansa/CGR, a national market research firm, revealed that a third of Clean Technology companies´ aren´t sufficiently protected by insurance policies. The unique and faced-paced environment of Clean Tech industry can suppose a challenge when it comes to getting the appropriate insurance coverage.

As a Clean Tech Company, you must be aware of the unique risks your industry face on a daily basis. Clean Tech is not longer a small group of start-up companies. During the last years it has become a mature industry in which companies are fiercely competing to develop unique solutions to expand its operation around the world.

The complexity of working in a global market presents distinct challenges that may threaten Clean Tech Company´s viability. Some of the challenges of Clean Tech Company´s international presence include failures in the supply chain stability, lack of compliance with global regulations and deficient protection of employees- as they travel around the world.

If you are thinking in protecting your business, these are the top insurance policies that you will like to purchase:

  • Cyber liability: at least 50% of Clean Tech companies don’t have cyber liability despite the ever-increasing risk of breaches, malware and other threats in their cyber security.
  • Workers’ compensation for employees traveling abroad: although nearly 60% of Clean Tech companies engage in sales overseas, 44% of them aren´t aware of the international exposures.
  • Up to day business recovery plan: 59% of Clean Tech companies’ aren´t protected against disruption such as weather-related damages.
  •  Business income insurance: despite its dependence on international supply chains, at least 46% of Clean Tech companies haven’t purchased business income insurance and 50% haven’t purchased contingent business income.

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