Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions Insurance protects you and your business by caring your assets and paying for your defense if a client makes a claim. Accusations of negligence or the failure to perform your professional services are things that any professional services business can be sued for, even if it hasn’t made a mistake.  You should consider to get Error and Omissions Insurance, especially if your business provides professional service, regularly gives advice and is required by clients to have E&O insurance.

Every Errors and Omissions policy differs according to your business sector, services provided or industry. We can work with you and your company to create a tailor made E&O policy – whatever your company type. It also protects your clients by ensuring that there will be sufficient funds to pay for damages incurred if your professional services are considered to be faulty.

Who needs Error and Omissions policy?

Errors and Omissions Insurance is designed for a broad range of professionals. Just to mention a few: engineers, consultants, lawyers, accountants, software developers, planners, real estate agents, brokers, architects, general travel agents, appraisers and contractors, among others.

Ai Errors and Omissions work with publicly-listed corporations as well as private companies, freelancers, not-for-profit associations or charitable organizations advising on professional liability insurance. We are able to place over 1,000 different types of professionals and even professional associations and group plans.

To find out more about Errors and Omissions Insurance, or to find the best coverage that fits your budget, please call at 416 484-4545 or email us at Our specialist brokers will assist you in creating a plan to make sure your business needs are covered. Or if you prefer, get a quote right now by submitting your online application here.

Ai Errors and Omissions Insurance